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# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
# This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

import torch

from . import FairseqDataset

[docs]class TransformEosDataset(FairseqDataset): """A :class:`` wrapper that appends/prepends/strips EOS. Note that the transformation is applied in :func:`collater`. Args: dataset ( dataset to wrap eos (int): index of the end-of-sentence symbol append_eos_to_src (bool, optional): append EOS to the end of src remove_eos_from_src (bool, optional): remove EOS from the end of src append_eos_to_tgt (bool, optional): append EOS to the end of tgt remove_eos_from_tgt (bool, optional): remove EOS from the end of tgt """ def __init__( self, dataset, eos, append_eos_to_src=False, remove_eos_from_src=False, append_eos_to_tgt=False, remove_eos_from_tgt=False, has_target=True, ): if not isinstance(dataset, FairseqDataset): raise ValueError("dataset must be an instance of FairseqDataset") if append_eos_to_src and remove_eos_from_src: raise ValueError("cannot combine append_eos_to_src and remove_eos_from_src") if append_eos_to_tgt and remove_eos_from_tgt: raise ValueError("cannot combine append_eos_to_tgt and remove_eos_from_tgt") self.dataset = dataset self.eos = torch.LongTensor([eos]) self.append_eos_to_src = append_eos_to_src self.remove_eos_from_src = remove_eos_from_src self.append_eos_to_tgt = append_eos_to_tgt self.remove_eos_from_tgt = remove_eos_from_tgt self.has_target = has_target # precompute how we should adjust the reported sizes self._src_delta = 0 self._src_delta += 1 if append_eos_to_src else 0 self._src_delta -= 1 if remove_eos_from_src else 0 self._tgt_delta = 0 self._tgt_delta += 1 if append_eos_to_tgt else 0 self._tgt_delta -= 1 if remove_eos_from_tgt else 0 self._checked_src = False self._checked_tgt = False def _check_src(self, src, expect_eos): if not self._checked_src: assert (src[-1] == self.eos[0]) == expect_eos self._checked_src = True def _check_tgt(self, tgt, expect_eos): if self.has_target and not self._checked_tgt: assert (tgt[-1] == self.eos[0]) == expect_eos self._checked_tgt = True def __getitem__(self, index): return self.dataset[index] def __len__(self): return len(self.dataset)
[docs] def collater(self, samples): def transform(item): if self.append_eos_to_src: self.eos =["source"].device) self._check_src(item["source"], expect_eos=False) item["source"] =[item["source"], self.eos]) if self.remove_eos_from_src: self.eos =["source"].device) self._check_src(item["source"], expect_eos=True) item["source"] = item["source"][:-1] if self.append_eos_to_tgt: self.eos =["target"].device) self._check_tgt(item["target"], expect_eos=False) item["target"] =[item["target"], self.eos]) if self.remove_eos_from_tgt: self.eos =["target"].device) self._check_tgt(item["target"], expect_eos=True) item["target"] = item["target"][:-1] return item samples = list(map(transform, samples)) return self.dataset.collater(samples)
[docs] def num_tokens(self, index): return self.dataset.num_tokens(index)
[docs] def size(self, index): if self.has_target: src_len, tgt_len = self.dataset.size(index) return (src_len + self._src_delta, tgt_len + self._tgt_delta) else: return self.dataset.size(index)
[docs] def ordered_indices(self): # NOTE: we assume that the ordering does not change based on the # addition or removal of eos return self.dataset.ordered_indices()
@property def supports_prefetch(self): return getattr(self.dataset, "supports_prefetch", False)
[docs] def prefetch(self, indices): return self.dataset.prefetch(indices)